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Emergency Contact Info source khou.com

  • Anywhere: Houston Fire Department, Dial 311 IMPORTANT: If you are awaiting rescue, prominently display a towel or sheet from a door or window so we can spot you. Addresses are tough to spot.
  • Anywhere: Cajun Navy 281-464-4851 Cajun ( 281-898-3016 / Text 337-581-3750)
  • Also reach Cajun Navy by Zello Walkie Talkie app- type in Texas search and rescue- you can also ask for help there
  • United States Coast Guard posted additional phone numbers that were set up for people who are in danger and need rescued. 281-464-4851, 281-464-4852, 281-464-4853, 281-464-4854, 281-464-4855
  • Med ER Rooftop Helicopter – 281-464-4851) & 1-800-323-7233
  • National Guard – 713-578-3000
  • HPD: Residents can also call 311 or Houston Police’s non-emergency phone number at 713-884-3131.
  • Group Rescue – 713-426-9404 / to Help 713-881-3100
  • Non-emergency pick up – 281-427-4791
  • Search on Zello App under “Texas search & rescue”
  • CenterPoint Energy: 713-207-2222 to report downed power lines to CenterPoint Energy.
  • HoustonHarveyRescue – another website just made for coordinating rescuers and people needing it. Endorsed by Cajun Navy
  • What to take if you evac yourself
  • What to take if you get evacced (look at bottom)

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