MSH Presentation at Alief ISD

Mission: To educate a group of people about Morocco, to promote an inviting image about this
country, covering a wide range of aspects from history to society, from landscape to cultural
identity, answering questions, enticing more curiosity, and more.
On behalf of the MSH, Mrs. Bouchra Bennis gave a presentation at Alief in front of 30
and some teachers and coordinators that spent 2 days talking about culture and controversy
in foreign language classroom.
Bouchra came and made it all a factual experience. She has shown how the pride of belonging
to a mother land and a mother tongue plays wonders on forging a well rounded identity in the
host country. She has left an unmatched impact on her audience in form and content. They
were admiring her passion in talking about her community here and abroad, her pride in the
communal work she perform with MSH, her promising energy and enthusiasm.